Philosophy of Onion Boy Inc.

Our Philosophy
Because we have grower-partnerships across the USA, our hand selected onions are guaranteed to be the freshest and highest quality onions available. We offer a complete line of all onions, in all colors, in all sizes and in all packs with “next-day” and “on-time” delivery service – all at very competitive prices.

Our company policy includes; “Provide the Very Best Customer Service”, “Pack to Order”, “99%+ Fill Rate and On Time Deliveries”, “Supply Every Product for the Entire Onion Category”, “Make our Customers Proud” and “Get the Job Done - Whatever it Takes!”.


What we will provide to you:
• Superior Service
• Grower, Packer, Shipper, Re-Packer
• Advanced Food Safety
• Consistent Costing
• Year-Round supplies
• All Packs, Sizes & Varieties
• Advertising/Sales/Marketing Support
• Highest Quality
• Sweet Onion Program
• Locally Grown Program (OH, CA, TX) Inventory Management/Co-Management